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Jan 3, 2018
Jan 15, 2004
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Super Kaiju Forum Master, from IL, USA

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Jan 3, 2018
    1. girzilla
      My brother!!! Looky! I'm sending you a message! ^_^
    2. Gojira2000
      Can I do what?
    3. Archaic_Avenger
      You can do that?
    4. G2KMaster
    5. Gojira2000
      Sorry, no. I haven't had time. Been busy with work. If I find anything I'll give it to you by this weekend, for sure. Again, sorry.
    6. G2KMaster
      Have you looked through your "notes" for WOTG stuff yet?
    7. G2KMaster
      About the PM, I just noticed that Ifukube did not do the score for Mothra, it was Yuji Koseki. Sorry.
    8. Gojira2000
      Well, there's an active thread here that dirextly involves me, so... what do you expect? XD
    9. EternalMothra
      I'm greatly saddened that you post 10x more here than you do on KG. lol
    10. G2KMaster
      Hey dude! Nice page...
    11. Gojira2000
      Updated my profile pic with one of me and Don Frye from G-FEST, 2008.
    12. Gojira2000
      Just went to G-FEST yesterday and met Mr. Nakajima (a.k.a. Godzilla!) and Mr. Don Frye (GFW). I'll post more info and pics in the G-FEST thread on the main board, so keep an eye out for them.;)
    13. EternalMothra
      I hope everything works out my friend. These computers have been a real pain haven't they?
    14. Gojira2000
      My dad informed me that he's trying to download a anti-virus program onto an another reconnected PC so that it can scan my dead one. However, whether or not it'll work we won't know for a bit 'cause the anti-virus website is having problems of their own. Go figure.

      In other news, I'll be heading out of town and away from the internet for about two weeks or so starting June 6th. I'll leave at least Chapter Two of WAA behind for our webmaster to post in my absence, but obviously nothing much else bsides that will be posted as I'll have no access to my files, assuming of course that they're even recovered from the bowls of Hades by that time...
    15. Gojira2000
      LOL, actually, I just like blue and orange and gray; but I guess it matches the SDF pretty well too, hehe. Thanks, btw!
    16. Mecha74
      Fantastic looking profile my friend, are you supposed to be using the Space Force Directive flag colors? If so you've done a fine job!:cool:
    17. Gojira2000
      Hey everyone! G2K here. Though I'm not on KP as much as I once was, I hope to keep you guys updated with the need-to-knows of... well, whatever. Obviously, of all things that I'll be mentioning in this VM is news and info regarding the workings of the "When Aliens Attack!" fan-fiction. That being said, allow me to sum-up a quick update on WAA:

      It isn't dead and the site will be updated regularly with more story parts in the not-to-distant future. Unfortunately, every set-back you can imagine has thrown itself into our path and prevented any real activity over the past year. For instance, my PC just crashed last week and, quite frankly, I don't know when (or IF) it'll be repaired. So unfortunately, after our webmaster posted a new homepage update and a re-edited Prologue, there weren't be much else till I somehow get my files recovered. Sorry.

      In other news, the Admins said that I can "set up shop" on KP for the sake of selling artwork until I get my own website. However, I won't be creating a thread for this nor posting any artwork for a few months as I need to get some stuff straightened out on my end. But suffice to say that I'm a dang good creature artist (dinosaurs, kaiju, made-up monsters, etc) and in the meantime if you are interesting in buying anything or comissioning me to draw a personal pic (for a price), then feel free to PM me.

      Besides that, not much else to say. I hope you enjoy your time in my little corner of KP and will keep coming back. I'm always welcoming more friends onto my list to your right, so feel free to join in the fun. Hopefully between my less-then frequent visits I'll put together a better graphics scheme and fill up my album with artwork.

      --Evan, aka G2K
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    Critics are calling WHEN ALIENS ATTACK!:
    "Utterly mind-blowing!"
    "One of the greatest fan-fiction novels I have ever read!"
    Read WHEN ALIENS ATTACK! for yourself and experience the awe! Now up on its own website! www.whenaliensattack.com

    Godzilla… was the most masterful of all dinosaur movies because it made you believe it was really happening”
    -- Steven Spielberg


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    IL, USA
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    Seafood (sushi!), Japan/Chinese, pizza, fastfood and fine dinning, mushrooms, cheese and sweats!
    Full-time volunteer Bible teacher
    Favorite Movies:
    Jurassic Park, Gojira, Jaws, Alien, Star Wars saga, Grave of the Fireflies, 2001: A Space Odyssey, kaiju eiga and a lot of old classics and documentaries
    Drawing, writing, reading, palenotology/fossil hunting, music, history, learning languages
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    The Holy Bible and various Bible-based publications, Jurassic Park, Who Goes There?, and many other classic works
    Serious student of the Bible, artistic, scientific, realistic, lover of animals, art, and dinosaurs
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    John Williams, Akira Ifukube, Danny Elfmen, Hans Zimmer, Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Puccini
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    Godzilla, Mario, Donkey Kong, Star Wars Battlefront (I&II), War of the Monsters, StarCraft, Super Smash Bros, Mario Party/Kart, Podracer, etc.
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    Reading a good book while others enjoy the game
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    Uh.... no?
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    Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mothra, Mechagodzilla, Gigan, Gamera, Rodan, Anguirus, Iris, Hedorah, Kong
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    G54, G3, GMK, MvsG, G84, G:LB, GFW, GvsMG, GRA, G2, G1, G2000, DAM, GvsB, Matango, Daimajin, Cloverfield, King Kong '33
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