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Mechagodzilla 2
Godzilla (Showa)
Base Power Number
Battlefield Condition #4
Radiation Storm
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Mechagodzilla 2: No effect
Godzilla (Showa): Positive effect.
Godzilla (Showa): Kaiju is already at their maximum power number.

Adjusted Power Number

First Strike:

We will now roll to see who takes the first turn.
The roll is 5. An odd number indicates that the low vote getter recieves first turn.
Let the combat begin.

Round 1

Mechagodzilla 2: Rolls 23 -- Miss
Godzilla (Showa): Rolls 36 -- Hit!
After 1 round the score is:
Mechagodzilla 2 - 0 / Godzilla (Showa) - 1

Round 2

Mechagodzilla 2: Rolls 88 -- Miss
Godzilla (Showa): Rolls 31 -- Hit!
After 2 rounds the score is:
Mechagodzilla 2 - 0 / Godzilla (Showa) - 2

Round 3

Mechagodzilla 2: Rolls 18 -- Miss
Godzilla (Showa): Rolls 82 -- Hit!
Combat has concluded.
The Winner is Godzilla (Showa), by a score of 3-0

Round One - Fight Phase Victor:
Godzilla (Showa)
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