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Godzilla Forever, by John J. (Varan101)

By John J. (Varan101)

Godzilla Forever Chapter Jump:

Chapter 1

65 million years ago…

A lone creature lumbered down the uneven paths of a deserted island. The creature was the King of the Dinosaurs, otherwise known as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The creature’s reddish skin made it even more ominous, because now it was the color of blood. However, the bright color and the creature’s large size made it hard for the creature to hunt. Any other creature could easily spot a twenty-foot tall, brightly colored behemoth charging after it. The dinosaur was certainly happy about its size. Rarely, he would get in fights and the Tyrannosaur would use his size to gain the upper hand in battle. Those were the times he would get a decent meal, by winning every fight that it got into.

The fights were not easy, though. The giant dinosaur had to once fight against the crafty creatures known as Velociraptors. Apparently, the creatures had been desperate for a meal and they had attacked him when he least expected it. The intelligent things had probably planned out the attack for months by killing all his prey so he would have nothing to eat. After days of not eating anything at all, the Tyrannosaur had become very weak and that was when the creatures had attacked. He had been sleeping during the night when he woke up with sharp pains in his sides. It actually took the beast a while to figure out that he was being attacked. The Tyrannosaur had been able to draw up just enough strength to ward off the attackers.

It was not until the creature had sat down that it did realize that it was having problems again. The giant Tyrannosaur stretched itself out on the ground and thought about the difficulties it had been having of finding food lately. He did not think that the Velociraptors would be so foolish to launch another one of their planned out attacks on him. Never before had he seen the creatures use the same hunting tactics twice. This was another reason why the creatures were one of the feared carnivores of the jungle. You never could learn one single attack pattern from the Velociraptors, because they always used different attack patterns. Things like this showed that the creatures were definitely excellent pack hunters. The Tyrannosaurs did not hunt in packs, but they did sometimes hunt in pairs. The Tyrannosaurs did not like to have to share the reward when they were done hunting.

The creature was not about to go to sleep. The nights it spent on the island, an island that would later be called Lagos Island by the Japanese, were not very pleasant nights. The whole island was packed with dangerous enemies such as the Gorosaurs, which were smaller carnivores that hunted in packs. The Gorosaurs were just about as vicious as any dinosaurs that ever existed. Then there were the Pteranodons that soared through the air and made all sorts of noises. The creatures sounded like other, much larger creatures, which is why they startle the Tyrannosaur every time they fly by. There was also a family of Ankylosaurs on Lagos Island. The creatures were very slow, but their armor more than makes up for their slow speed.

The Tyrannosaurus was almost the only one of its species to live on the island. It had assumed that there were no other Tyrannosaurs on the island because he never ran into any. He had tried to search for another one of his kind on this island before, but he could not find one. The male Tyrannosaur had given up all hope of finding another Tyrannosaur when he caught a scent of a female Tyrannosaur. He had been sleeping, but he was quickly awakened by the odor of the female. Never before had he smelled anything like what the female had smelled like. He tried to find the female, but the creature could not be found. Ever since then, the beast wanted to start a family of his own, even though he would have to hunt a lot for his family. That female was his ultimate motivation, to be able to see her in person.

The Tyrannosaur lay on the muddy banks of a small river. He knew that this was the place where other carnivores came to drink, but he did not care. If anything attacked him, he would simply destroy the threat. He closed his eyes and lay his huge head down on the cold, muddy earth beneath him. He swung his tail back and forth to make sure that there was nothing behind him that could disturb him. He shut his eyes and slowed down his breathing so that he could finally get some rest. The giant creature lay in the mud until it finally dozed off to sleep. Right before the creature could doze off, he caught a brief whiff of an odor. It was either the odor of the female or the odor of some enemy that was about to attack him. Neither possibility occurred to him before he was asleep and defenseless.

Huge shadows fell over the body of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. A pack of creatures that were about ten feet tall each surrounded the helpless creature. The creatures were very strange dinosaurs, and man never discovered them. The creatures had jaws that were lined with sharp, irregular teeth that could fall a man in seconds. The creatures also had killer claws on each of its hands and feet. The creatures were later to be called Gorosaurus xuretis. The Gorosaurs were one of the most feared predators of the Cretaceous Era. These creatures were very clever and they could organize themselves into a pack in mere minutes. Once they were gathered into a pack, the Gorosaurs hunted with deadly efficiency and accuracy. Almost seventy percent of the creatures’ hunts turn out to be at least a little bit successful. Now, they were almost surely going to turn in another successful hunt. This was one of their better planned out hunts. Most of their hunts happen at the spur of the moment, leaving no time for them to come up with a plan.

The Tyrannosaur could smell the Gorosaurs in his sleep. The nagging odor caused him to open his eyes and to see the creatures surrounding him. There was about five of the creatures. All of them were at least half of his enormous size. The Tyrannosaur immediately knew what they were and he immediately knew that he was in serious trouble. The Gorosaurs saw that he was awake and started to below warnings at him. The creatures continued to move in towards him, snapping their jaws menacingly at their prey. This was a very odd scene, for no creature in the right mind ever hunts a Tyrannosaur no matter how desperate they are. The creatures were confident that they could bring down the other dinosaur, a confidence that kept their entire species alive. Suddenly, the Tyrannosaur rose to its feet and bellowed at the Gorosaurs. The smaller dinosaurs did not move and they even bellowed back at the larger creature. The Tyrannosaur took a step towards the attackers, but they still did not move. That was when the five Gorosaurs attacked.

The creatures came leaping at the Tyrannosaur with an incredible speed. The larger creature was immediately brought to the ground as the full weight of each attacker slammed into the Tyrannosaur. The creature howled in pain as its head smacked against the hard ground. The Gorosaurs leaped up to their feet and began to pounce at the fallen dinosaur. As they leaped at him, they took swipes at his body with their killer claws. The larger dinosaur could feel the claws of the Gorosaurs pierce his skin and rip at his flesh. More pain flowed into the creature’s tormented body as the smaller creatures began to clamp down on his legs with their jaws. The creature knew that he would not last much longer if he did not try to save himself. In a last ditch kind of effort, the Tyrannosaur very weakly sprung to his feet and roared at the Gorosaurs. The five creatures stepped back in surprise and blinked in disbelief. They studied the way the larger dinosaur moved and concluded that he was badly injured. The Gorosaurs then attacked again.

The Tyrannosaur stepped back and swung his tail around with a tremendous force. The blow struck one of the leaping Gorosaurs and sent the creature flying into a nearby tree. The creature was hit so hard that the tree almost cracked in half upon impact. The other creatures momentarily stopped their charge, almost as if to reconsider. The Tyrannosaur then charged at a nearby Gorosaur and snapped its jaws at the creature. The Gorosaur had no time to react, as the jaws of the giant creature snapped down on it. The Tyrannosaur made short work of its catch and threw the creature at another one of its kind. The other Gorosaur hopped out of the way of the flying corpse that had been hurled at it. The remaining three attackers looked at each other and began to make strange noises. Not wanting to attack any more, the Tyrannosaur stood and watched the Gorosaurs. The creatures looked back up at the large creature and turned around. Then, they began to run away.

The King of the Dinosaurs watched the creatures leave and decided to give them a head start. After a good ten seconds had passed, the Tyrannosaur suddenly broke into a sprint and went off into the direction in which the Gorosaurs had gone. The earth shook with each long stride the sprinting behemoth took. He knew that he could easily catch the much slower carnivores that were now his prey. After just ten seconds of running, the Tyrannosaur was right behind one of the creatures that had attacked him. The creature was visibly injured, as it limped awkwardly as it ran. The Tyrannosaur caught up with the smaller creature in no time. He then knocked over the creature with his large snout and the creature hit the ground hard. The Tyrannosaur then put one of his feet on the fallen dinosaur to pin him down. He then felt pains in his foot and realized that the creature was tearing at his foot with his claws. The Tyrannosaur drew back his foot and bellowed at the crippled Gorosaur. He then quickly closed his jaws around the creature and ended the creature’s life.

The Tyrannosaur then broke into a sprint again to go see if he could find the other two Gorosaurs. He could feel tree branches hitting his face as he ran through the jungle at top speed. The Tyrannosaur knew that he had a chance of catching one of the creatures, but probably not both of them. It was not long before he could smell the foul stench of one of the creatures. The Tyrannosaur entered some sort of field where he saw one of the Gorosaurs resting. It probably thought that it had lost him as soon as he stopped for the other Gorosaur. The creature’s breathing was labored and it definitely seemed to be out of breath. The Tyrannosaur began to sneak into the field as slowly as it could. The unsuspecting creature was soon after attacked by the enraged Tyrannosaur. The much larger creature sneaked into the field so well that the other creature barely noticed him looming over him. The thing that clued him in was when the sun was suddenly blocked off. The Gorosaur looked up at the unforgiving Tyrannosaur and let out a plea of mercy. However, the Tyrannosaur was not in the mood for mercy. It ducked its head down and began to tear apart the Gorosaur.

The Tyrannosaur continued to tear apart the Gorosaurus when he smelled something very different. He immediately stopped what he was doing and began to sniff the air. He looked off to his left where the smell came from and what he saw shocked him. It was a female Tyrannosaur with a dead corpse at its feet. The male immediately saw that the female had taken it upon herself to kill the last Gorosaur. He then looked down at the mess he had made and saw a leg of the creature he had killed. After that, he picked up the leg and walked over to the female Tyrannosaur. Next, he offered the leg to the female Tyrannosaur as a gift. The female accepted his gift and tore off the leg of the Gorosaur that she had killed. She then offered the leg to him and he accepted the gift from her. The male then dropped the leg and began to look around the field.

The male Tyrannosaur led the female out of the field into the jungle. They soon after came upon the small river that he was originally at when he was attacked. The female seemed to be a little nervous that they had returned to the place where carnivores of all kinds came. Apparently, this was the place that all herbivores came to get a drink of water. When the creatures bent over to get a drink, they were now vulnerable to an attack. That is why a lot of carnivores seemed to appear at the river to hunt. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of herbivores on the island of Lagos. Most of the herbivore population was made up of the Ankylosaurs, which were very dangerous creatures to try to hunt. The herbivores had a long tail that ended in a bony club that could really cripple a creature. The male Tyrannosaur never before tried to hunt one of the armored creatures, but now he wanted to impress the female.

The male signaled for the female to go watch his hunt from a safe distance. The female then left the male by himself and hid behind some very large trees. The male also went off to hide so that he could surprise his prey. The male then watched from behind the tree for any potential prey running around the river. He could see nothing that would be large enough to impress the female. Most of the animals by the river were small creatures that were hardly any larger than a human hand. The Tyrannosaur waited patiently for any other creatures to come, but no other creatures seemed to want to come to the river. That was when the male suddenly caught a glimpse of movement off to his right. He turned his head in that direction and saw about five Ankylosaurs lumbering down a path to the river. Not only would he have to deal with one of the creatures, but also he would have to out smart all of them. He then observed that one of the creatures was smaller than the others, probably just a juvenile. The male wasted no time on deciding to go after the smaller creature.

He patiently waited as the creatures exited the path in the jungle and made their way around the bed of the river. The juvenile was in between the four adults, which was going to make it even more difficult. He would probably have to deal with all four adults if he could not dodge them. The juvenile was not without its own defenses, as it too had all sorts of spikes sticking out of its sides. The creatures did not have spikes all over the bony shell that protected their backs. It was the bony club at the end of each of the creatures’ tails that were to be feared. One good thing about the creatures’ entire armor was that it slowed them down tremendously. The Ankylosaurs were the slowest dinosaurs on Lagos Island. The Tyrannosaur knew it would have to factor in the creatures’ speed into his plan to be successful. The creature quickly finished his plan and waited.

The Tyrannosaur waited until the creatures were all bent over to drink from the river. Since all the creatures were now drinking at once, they could not completely surround the juvenile. The creatures were now vulnerable and he planned to have attacked them before they could even turn around. He then put his plan into action as he darted out from behind the tree and raced towards the herbivores. The creatures soon after heard him, but they made no effort to turn around. Instead, the adult Ankylosaurs backed up and formed a wall in front of the juvenile. They began to blindly swing their tails at the approaching threat and the juvenile yelped in fear. The Tyrannosaur saw that he was heading for the wall of deadly clubs and he tried to stop himself. Something then went wrong when he tried to stop himself and he fell on the slippery mud. The giant creature then landed roughly in the mud.

The adult Ankylosaurs saw that their attacker had fallen and they began to lumber over to where he now lay. Instinctively, they raised their bony tail clubs in unison and purposely hit the ground with loud booming noises. This was a warning for the enemy to leave if he could. The Ankylosaurs did not want to fight the Tyrannosaur, but they did want to scare him away. When they saw the much larger creature not make an attempt to leave, they advanced even farther towards him. This time, they walked right up to the male’s body and raised their clubs in unison. They then slammed their bony clubs into the shoulders, knees, and sides of the dinosaur. The carnivore cried out in pain and quickly hopped to its feet. He looked around and saw the juvenile had been left alone by the river. He quickly dashed past the adult Ankylosaurs and raced towards the juvenile. The prey saw him coming and tried to flee from him.

The Tyrannosaur came up from behind the smaller Ankylosaur and tried to tip him over with his snout. Instead, he injured the side of his snout on some of the prey’s spikes. The smaller Ankylosaur then whacked the Tyrannosaur in the knee with an immense blow. The carnivore screamed in pain and instantly fell into the mud. The adult Ankylosaurs were also on the way over to where the juvenile had stopped the Tyrannosaur. The adults now loomed over the snout of the attacker and raised their bony clubs. He could then fell immense pain in his snout as the creatures began to try to break open his head. The Tyrannosaur roared at them in defiance, but he was then hit in his jaw with another blow. The creature’s jaw hurt so much now that he could not even roar at the herbivores. The Ankylosaurs continued to attack him mercilessly when another Tyrannosaur entered the fight.

The adult Ankylosaurs looked up in surprise to see the female Tyrannosaur charging into the clearing. She was angered to see the male Tyrannosaur loose so pitifully like this. The female then leaped through the air and landed in front of the male’s body. The Ankylosaurs began to swing their bony clubs at the female, but she gracefully leaped out of the way of each potential blow. She then ducked her head down next to one of the Ankylosaur adults and bit the creature. The adult reared back and tripped over its own feet. The creature then landed on its back in the mud of the riverbanks. The adult tried to get back on its feet, but it could not turn itself right side up. The female then dodged another potential blow and leaped over one of the adult herbivores. The creature was now facing the Tyrannosaur, who swung its tail at the Ankylosaur. The tail hit the creature with enough force to send the creature tumbling into the river. The female then looked around and spotted the juvenile Ankylosaurus.

The male got to his feet and looked around the riverbanks. He then spotted the female Tyrannosaurus standing over her fallen prey, which was the juvenile Ankylosaur. The female called to him and he lumbered over to where she stood. The female then put one foot on the carcass and roared triumphantly. She then began to rip apart the carcass and the male watched her intently. The female was exceptionally good at hunting and killing her prey, something that most creatures valued back then. He had failed the test that he had set up for himself to take and now the female was the one who passed the test. The male tried not to make a big deal of it, as the female continued to tear apart her kill. She then offered him some of the meat, but he declined to eat any. The male was not used to eating anything that he did not hunt down himself.

The male then looked up into the sky for the scavengers that he knew were coming. It was not long before a flock of annoying Pteranodons began to circle over the female’s kill. The male roared defiantly at the scavengers, but the creatures were too stupid to know to leave. A couple of them tried to dive downward towards the kill and then they wisely backed off when they saw the jaws of the Tyrannosaurs. The Pteranodons continued to circle over the Tyrannosaurs and they cackled madly at the much larger creatures. The female hurried up with her meal because she knew that the creatures would not stay away forever. She was not very hungry after she had eaten the remains of the Gorosaurus that she had hunted. The female quickly finished her meal and the two Tyrannosaurs left the area. The scavengers immediately descended upon the carcass, fighting with each other for the remains of the creature.

The two Tyrannosaurs then came upon a field where they stopped to rest. The male lay his head down and he was soon after asleep. The female stood over him and watched the rest of the field for any signs of danger. She then looked back down at the sleeping male and saw that he had gone to sleep. The female was tense because she was in unfamiliar territory. She was used to living around a different part of the island where her family was. Her family was brutally attacked by a huge pack of Gorosaurs and she fled the scene. The Tyrannosaur had never stopped moving since then and she often wondered if her family was still alive. She was not used to stopping like this and sleeping in the middle of a field. Yet, this male seemed unfamiliar to her and she still trusted the fact that he was not worried.

At this very moment in time, a large meteorite was hurling through space. The object was on a collision course with the planet Earth. It was traveling at a rather slow speed and it was still almost two days away. The object shattered any small floating debris that happened to be in its path. The meteorite had been produced in the Oort Cloud, which is at the edge of the solar system. To this day, the Oort Cloud had produced only comets. That was when a bunch of comets were fused together under tremendous heat and pressure, producing the larger meteorite. The object had nearly collided with the planet Pluto, coming within one hundred meters of the planet. The gravity of the planet Pluto slowed down the meteorite just a little bit. The meteorite then reached the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Originally, the object was not on a collision course with Earth, but it collided slightly with an asteroid and rebounded in the direction of Earth. Now, the object was passing past the planet Mars.

The male Tyrannosaur awoke from his slumber to the feeling of rain pouring on his back. He looked up at the ominous gray clouds overhead that continued to pour rain on top of him. It was raining so hard that the male Tyrannosaur could only see about ten feet in front of him. The male used the only sense he could, his excellent sense of smell. He roared in rage when he smelled the familiar odor of the Gorosaurs. The female woke up from her deep sleep when she heard his bellow of rage. She also sniffed the air and smelled the foul stench of decay. The smell came from all around them, so it was hard to tell where the creatures were.

The Tyrannosaurs continued to splash around in the mud and roar defiantly. Then a huge bolt of lightning split through the air and illuminated everything. The Tyrannosaurs then spotted the enemy just as an earth-shaking boom of thunder ended the peace. There were about ten Gorosaurs lined up to the east of them. The creatures knew that they had been spotted and they quickly attacked. The attack was sudden for the large Tyrannosaurs, for they did not see the smaller creatures coming. The male was quickly slammed to the wet earth, as he felt five of the heavy Gorosaurs slam against him. The other five Gorosaurs surrounded the female and began to snap at her. The male saw this and quickly rose to his feet. He then struck one of the Gorosaurs next to him with his tail and the creature was instantly killed. The smaller carnivores then regrouped and surrounded both of the Tyrannosaurs. Suddenly, it stopped raining.

The beasts all looked up at the sky to see that the gray clouds had suddenly just stopped pouring rain on them. The clouds then seemed to open up and the sun began to shine through the break in the clouds. The break in the clouds became larger and larger until the clouds seemed to just disintegrate. The sun was clearly visible now, and it seemed to shine like it never shone before. Then, the rest of the events seemed to happen in slow motion, for the beasts were about to witness the most destructive event in the history of the planet Earth. An object was now visible in the sky next to the blazing sun. The object shone with a fiery wrath, like a glowing apocalyptic ball of fire. The Gorosaurs saw the object and ran for their lives, as if they could run from it. The Tyrannosaurs just watched in fascination.

The object soon after slammed into the Earth with an incredible amount of force. The blast produced by the collision was more powerful than setting off every nuclear weapon ever made by man. The object had made impact somewhere in the ocean, resulting in the largest tsunami waves ever washing over the lands and causing floods. The impact also kicked up an unbelievable amount of dust and ash that blocked off the sun from all life on Earth. Huge earthquakes devastated what seemed to be the last of any living thing on Earth. Volcanoes spewed out lava that eventually hardened and made the land more fertile. All life on Earth was now at an abrupt and serious standstill. It would take the planet years to recover from the impact, but the Earth certainly did recover.

However, the island of Lagos was the only place on the entire planet where the sun was not blocked off. The blast produced by the impact killed almost all life on the island. Of the survivors were the male and female Tyrannosaurs, a pair of Gorosaurs, a pair of Ankylosaurs, and a pair of Pteranodons. The species on Lagos Island continued on as the male and female partners of each species began to breed. Even as man began to dominate most of the Earth, the secluded island of Lagos continued to thrive. Then, a mutation occurred in the Tyrannosaur family called a Godzillasaurus. The new creature was very different from the regular Tyrannosaurs. This island remained untouched by humans until the year 1944.


American war hero Samuel L. Watkins stood on the bridge of the Gem, a large submarine. An American fleet of ships was hot on the tail of a smaller Japanese fleet that had been caught spying on them. Watkins, a colonel, was assigned to go find the Japanese fleet and destroy it without anyone knowing what happened. The small fleet had fled to an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean called Lagos. Few have ever ventured to Lagos Island and returned to tell about it. The Japanese were very superstitious about the island, saying that it is the birthplace of great monsters. Stories were obviously not going to stop the Americans from finishing their job.

Watkins himself despised the whole concept of war. He thought that it was ridiculous that members of the same species would have to kill each other over their beliefs. That was when the soldiers came to his house and kidnapped him from his own family. He was taken to a local army base where he was forced to join the army and train himself to fight in the war. Once he was at the base, he displayed his brilliance to all of his commanders. He never showed any fighting spirit, for it was his great battle tactics that got him eventually promoted to colonel. Now, he had to look out for the soldiers that he was supposed to lead. Unfortunately, his first action in war would have to take place at the notorious Lagos Island.

The colonel looked through the periscope of the Gem and an immense island filled his view. The island of Lagos looked like it was a historic place that was not to be disturbed. Lagos did not look like an inviting place to go to with all the jagged cliffs and rocks that surrounded the interior. He did not see any sign of the Japanese fleet, which meant that there was some way into the island. Watkins turned his periscope around until he spotted a river that led through the jagged cliffs into the interior. Unfortunately, the river was rather small and he knew that only his submarine would be able to make it through. The Japanese must have had a really small fleet to be able to make it through. Although, it only took one person to reveal the United States’s top secret weapon, the atom bomb, to the rest of the world. The spies had managed to listen in on their plans to bomb Hiroshima.

Watkins had been assured that the atom bomb would be the weapon that would end the war. The colonel did not like the sound of blowing up millions of people just to get a whole country to fear you. However, if the war was going to end in any sort of way, he was behind it one hundred percent. Perhaps the only reason that Watkins was in the war was to help put an abrupt end to it all. The Japanese were not America’s only problem, but at the moment they were. He knew that in order to stop the war he would have to first fight in the war, which meant killing innocent people. The idea of killing other men never did sit well with him, even when he was a little child. He shuddered every time he heard about a killing on the radio.

Watkins picked up his communications radio and began to speak to the rest of the fleet. "This Colonel Watkins," he began. "I have located an entrance to Lagos Island, but the entrance is only large enough for the Gem to fit inside of it. I would advise that you stay near the entrance in case the enemy decides to flee. My crew is well trained and hard working. I think we have more than it takes to handle this small little fleet of spies."

The submarine then submerged itself beneath the ocean waters. One crewmember increased the speed of the Gem and the powerful submarine began propelling itself to unexplored land. The submarine then came upon the ominous jagged cliffs were the river that served as an entrance stood. The Gem then began to maneuver itself between the river with the dangerous cliffs on each side. Watkins was busy staring at all sorts of technical readouts of the submarine. He watched one computer as the monitor displayed how wide the cliffs were. The cliffs seemed to be getting narrower as they followed the river to the island’s interior. Suddenly, they passed something very large. Watkins recognized it as the wreckage of a Japanese ship. Apparently, the ship had been too large to fit between the cliffs. He continued to watch the monitor and the cliffs continued to get narrower. Watkins closed his eyes and prayed silently to himself.

The colonel nearly jumped out of his skin when the loud collision alarms of the submarine began to blare in his ears. He opened his eyes and looked once again at the computer monitor. According to the computer, only an inch remained between the cliff walls and the sides of the submarine. He then was thrown from one side of the sub to another, as the submarine collided with the cliff walls. The engine was immediately damaged and there was nothing to propel them any further. Then, the submarine began to ponderously rise to the top of the water where it eventually emerged from the water. The metal sides of the Gem began to suddenly heat up. Watkins knew that it must be because the sun was now shining on them. That means that they had made it successfully. Curiously, he looked into the periscope, but he saw nothing but trees. The island looked normal enough.

Watkins opened the hatch of the submarine and looked around with his own eyes. The river beneath them was so narrow that the submarine was touching its banks on both sides. The colonel then called down to his crew and they followed him out of the submarine. The muddy banks of the river splashed around their feet when they walked on it. Watkins then noticed footprints in the mud. He bent over and examined the footprints closely and easily recognized them as human footprints. They were pretty old footprints. Watkins then bent down to examine the design that was left by the shoe that was worn by someone. He recognized the tracks as being the same design that a Japanese shoe company used for boots. That meant that the some of the Japanese had indeed landed safely on the island. Now, he had to find them. The trouble was that the prints were pretty old and that meant that the spies could have a considerable head start.

Watkins and his crew carried standard attack rifles with them. He trusted his crew and his crew trusted him. In the military base that he had trained at, the people that he now worked with were the best snipers from around the world. They hardly ever missed a target when they shot. Unfortunately, he knew that they were going to be greatly outnumbered in this battle. His plan was to find any base camps that the spies may have built and to attack them and run. Watkins would repeat this hit and run technique until there was nothing left of the base camps. The only problem was that the Japanese might not even have built base camps. They may have just decided to go live in some cave to fool him. Watkins then told him to stop making his plans so thorough. Sometimes his plans involved so much detail that only part of his plan was really needed. Suddenly, the ground began to shake, breaking his concentration.

Watkins and his crew froze in sudden terror with their view fixed ahead of them. An enormous creature then wondered out of the jungle in front of them. The creature was roughly twenty feet tall and it had reddish skin. The colonel immediately recognized the beast as a Tyrannosaurs Rex, King of the Dinosaurs. The creature’s jaws were lined with cruel teeth and each of its limbs ended in large claws. Despite the Tyrannosaur’s reputation, it was still an amazing sight to behold. The creature lumbered out of the jungle, but it was not even looking in their direction. Instead, the dinosaur lumbered up to the river and bent over to get a drink. One of Watkins’s crewmembers decided that he had had enough and the man broke into a sprint. The Tyrannosaur immediately saw him and darted after him. Watkins could soon after hear the desperate cries of the doomed man. Even so, he remained absolutely still.

The Tyrannosaur then walked back out of the jungle and looked at the men that had invaded its territory. Very slowly, the giant walked over to one of the crewmembers and began to sniff him. It then raised its head and walked away from the man that had been lucky. Watkins figured that the creature was either not in the mood for hunting or it just did not consider them any kind of threat. It then looked at them one more time and went back into the jungle. Watkins let out a sigh of relief, which was soon after copied by his crew.

"What do we do now?" asked one of them.

"We follow the beast," replied Watkins.

The crew just looked at the colonel in surprise, but they dared not question him. Watkins knew that he was stretching their trust in him to the limit with what he was going to do. However, he had a plan. It was a plan that might lead them to the Japanese base camp. Then, they can start his original plan and get this war over with. Watkins looked back at his troops and then turned around. He ordered them to stand behind him and they did as they were told. Watkins then began to march into the jungle and the troops followed him in single file. He could smell the foul stench of the carnivore that was no more than fifty yards ahead of them. Obviously, the creature was not in a hurry and neither was the colonel. He then looked at the ground where the creature left large footprints.

Suddenly, they came upon a cliff. The cliff was over looking a vast base of jeeps and other war materials. Watkins grinned in satisfaction and the other crewmembers applauded their brilliant leader. The snipers would be able to pick off a large amount of the Japanese troops before they even knew what was happening. Watkins then looked at his troops with a cold stare that sent shivers up their spines. He was sending a message to them that he did not approve of murdering fellow men at all. They were probably wondering how Watkins even got into the army with the kind of beliefs that he had. None of the deaths of his fellow Americans in the war would matter to him. It was the amount of people killed by the United States that bothered him. Now, Watkins would put a stop to this insane war.

Watkins signaled to his crew to ready their guns. He then looked down at the gun that he had barely even noticed he was carrying. Next, he looked inside the barrel of the rifle and saw and whole round of bullets. The colonel then looked back at his crew and he noticed that they seemed to be ready. As one, they raised their guns and took aim at various targets within the camp. Watkins himself was aimed at a tent that might have soldiers present inside of it. He aimed carefully, but he suddenly noticed that the view in front of him was starting to shake a little. His arms must have been shaking, for he was very nervous. That was when he realized that it was not his hands that were vibrating. It was the ground that was vibrating. The soldiers looked at the colonel with a silent scream on each of their faces. The leader knew what was going to happen, but he was relieved that it was not going to happen to them.

That was when a huge creature lumbered into the base camp of the Japanese troops. It was very different from a Tyrannosaur, which was smaller than this thing. This new creature was roughly forty feet tall and it stood upright on its hind legs. The creature had a large mouth and Tyrannosaur-like claws. Every feature of the thing was larger than any known dinosaur’s at that time. The Godzillasaurus was immediately spotted by the Japanese troops that were outside wondering about. The alarm was sounded as they fled and screamed at the same time. Soon, the whole camp was sheer chaos with the soldiers stumbling out of their tents and running for their lives. Watkins was fascinated by the way the dinosaur was moving about. The Godzillasaurus would leisurely walk up to any troops that may have stumbling and quickly snatched them up in his jaws. Even the colonel would have to turn away when the creature began to eat.

Watkins suddenly felt a snort of warm air on his neck. He slowly turned around and he was now face to face with a large creature. The creature was ten feet tall and it had sneaked up on him like a cat. The creature let out an ear-shattering roar right in his face, giving him a close view of its cruel teeth. He then heard his comrades screaming at the top of their lungs, and he did not want to know what was happening to them. Watkins could feel the hot breath of the creature in his face. Suddenly, he realized that this trip was a complete waste of time. The Japanese spies were doomed and so was he. The Gorosaurus stared at him for quite some time and it studied him. The creature appeared to be prolonging the inevitable, and it seemed to be having fun doing it. The hot breath and the sheer terror of the situation became too much for Watkins. The colonel fainted.

In 1954, Lagos Island was completely destroyed by a hydrogen bomb test. Almost all life on the island was destroyed and the dinosaurs became extinct once again. However, the mutated body of the Godzillasaurus was not killed by the radiation from the blast. Instead, the creature’s body absorbed the radiation and it mutated even more. Eventually, the creature called Godzilla was formed from this and other hydrogen bomb tests. Next, the testing stopped when the United Nations found out hydrogen bombs were illegally being tested. Otherwise, the creature may have continued to grow in size. Godzilla was not the only creature that was created by this soon to be famous incident. The monsters Rodan, Gorosaurus, and Anguirus were also created on Lagos Island. Searches were sent out to Lagos before the testing and no one could find Samuel Watkins anywhere. They did find signs that he may have somehow survived, though.

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