Hedorah Returns!?
Author The Great MM
Sunday - July 21, 2013 10:23 am
Hedorah Returns!?
With Comic Con nearly over, much news on the upcoming Godzilla reboot has been announced. A new poster, a new trailer (along with the original from last year’s event) being played (but again being withheld from those outside the event…), announcement of this Godzilla being the largest (meaning he will have to be over 100 meters), and of course the massive Godzilla Encounter, things are looking bright for the monster king.
Several websites have described an insect-like creature that appears to be battling the army before Godzilla’s foot come downs, dwarfing the bug and everything around him. One can speculate that this insect could be a Meganuron (from the original Rodan and Godzilla vs. Megaguirus films), Kamacuras, or something new entirely.
However, one such website is claiming they have a scoop on the main monster Godzilla will be taking on. And with Banno involved in the project, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is true. The website Nuke the Fridge is claiming that Hedorah will be the big co-star to the monster king.
This is nothing but a rumor as of now, but this is the same website that broke grounds by first revealing Man of Steel behind the scenes images and more. There is no named source behind this claim, so treat this how you will.