Ultraman Ginga Episode 2 on Youtube!
Author The Great MM
Sunday - July 21, 2013 1:55 pm
Ultraman Ginga Episode 2 on Youtube!
Tsuburaya has just posted the second episode of their latest Ultraman series, Ultraman Ginga, on Youtube. This episode features a new clash between the hulking Neo Thunder Darambia and Kemur. Neo Thunder Darambia is not only returning from the first episode, but is an upgraded kaiju originally featured in the 90’s series Ultraman Dyna. Kemur originates from Ultra Q in which his original suit was the basis for the classic Zettonian, now a staple in the superhero/kaiju series.
Sadly, there are no subtitles as of yet and many may be lost. The general premise of the series is that mostly every kaiju, Ultra, and seijin (alien) have been turned into figures (known as Spark Dolls) that can be used by a person in order to transform into them.
Tsuburaya originally had the first episode uploaded as well, but it was taken down when this episode went up. If it continues like that, this episode will also be taken down when the third episode, featuring the two-headed King Pandon, gets uploaded.