Interview with IDW Godzilla comic artist Matt Frank!
Author The Great MM
Thursday - September 19, 2013 7:58 pm
Interview with IDW Godzilla comic artist Matt Frank!
First off Matt, I just want to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us here at I have many questions that I want to ask myself while also having a handful from some other fans I spoke with since getting hold of you. I’ll try and keep these questions to the point and avoid questions that I know have been asked a hundred times before.
With your work on Godzilla Neo and having been a large contributor to the fandom for so long, what does it actually feel like to know your work has become part of an actual universe with the Toho franchise?
It's funny...because it's almost like I've been here all along. Stepping into the Godzilla franchise in an official capacity was like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes...although I definitely had to wear 'em in a bit more! When I step back and think about it, I can only chuckle at how often my obsession with Godzilla, as a child, was considered such a massive waste of time. That being said, I also have to remind myself that not everyone gets lucky enough to work in their favorite franchise. You gotta' earn it! And have your own voice on top of that.
Since becoming a part of the IDW crew, is there any kaiju you personally can’t wait to use within the new comics?

Hmmm...well, we recently announced Jet Jaguar, so THAT'S going to be amazingly fun to draw. I don't want to spoil anyone else, so I'll stick with that!
I know this question does get asked a lot, but several fans out there are hoping for some clarification. It was said before that IDW has the rights to virtually the entire Toho roster. Does that just mean the Godzilla series, or does that extend across everything? Could we see the likes of Dogora, Rebirth of Mothra kaiju, and even Yamato Takeru monsters show up in future comics?
Mostly just the Godzilla series proper, though since many of the classic Toho science fiction films were gradually retconned into the same continuity (thanks largely to Destroy All Monsters), we've got a lot of those characters as well, such as the Gargantuas. The Mothra Trilogy kaiju aren't in our stable, I believe, and the Yamato Takeru monsters are also not ours to use...although several characters from the movie, such as Yamato No Orochi and Kumasogami are actual mythological figures, so maybe we'll squeeze 'em in!
Is there any chance we could see any super obscure kaiju make appearances, or even cameos, in the comics now that you’re a part of them? For example, the Giant Condor from Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster? Or the Giant Octopus?  Or even any of the monsters from video games, previous comics, and cartoons?

I don't think anyone will take much umbrage with a giant turkey vulture or an oversized mollusk, but generally we want to stick with the “name brand” kaiju. Anything else, like the comics or games or cartoons, is off-limits. Although personally I'd love to work Krystalak in somehow! And maybe Obsidius for good measure!
Much like IDW did with Transformers Regeneration G-1 continuing the story of the Marvel run of the characters, has there been any talk with IDW continuing the Dark Horse series of Godzilla? With Art Adams doing some art duties on covers of the recent comics, could this be a possibility?

That's a big no-no, from my perspective. Those story rights are all locked up...or it'd be a big hassle to get them back. Regardless, we have plenty of our own stories to tell, so let's stick with that for now, hm?
Have there been any talks about continuing any of the movie storylines in comic form? Such as more stories taking place in the Showa era of films? Or Heisei? Etc.

That's a HUGE no-no! We're actually not allowed to make direct references to the films. It's a major copyright issue, mostly due to the way Japanese copyright law works.
Have there been any monsters IDW wanted to include but Toho said no to?
It pretty much depends on what we have the license for. Certain versions of characters we've been encouraged to utilize in favor of others, but that's getting easier to deal with.
Has Toho changed their attitudes at all when it comes to doing crossovers? I, along with many other fans, would love to see the Big G take on the likes of Transformers and GI Joe. Has there been any discussion on this sort of thing at all?

Nope. I would imagine that it's a licensing and copyright headache.
Besides the kaiju, has IDW shown interest in using any other elements from the movies for the main run of comics? For example, human characters like Miki Saegusa and weapons such as the Gotengo and Super X.

Again, we can't make direct references to characters and plots from films. Miki was something of a fluke, but I think we can use certain mecha.
At this point in time, how are the sales figures looking for the comics? I hope they’re looking good!
Sales are steady for the moment, but we need all the help we can get! For those who want to keep the series going, send your support to !
Has there been any interest from IDW at possibly acquiring the rights of kaiju such as Gamera and Ultraman for their own comics? Or even Colossal Kaiju Combat?

At the moment, Godzilla is all that's on the table. Maybe someday in the future!
Personally, if you were able to spearhead five more entries in the Godzilla: Legends line, what monsters would you want to see focused on?

I would LOVE to do a King Caesar story. I've been working on one for a few years now. As for the other four, maybe Mothra, Battra, Jet Jaguar, and Baragon?
And, the last question. I imagine besides Godzilla, who is your favorite monster from the franchise and why?
I've always, ALWAYS had a soft spot for Varan. Just because. It's a little frustrating that I didn't get to draw him for issue 5, but Jeff Zornow REALLY knocked it out of the park with that one, so I almost feel as though I couldn't have done it better myself!
Really, I think issue 5 is going to be our best yet. Go preorder now!
Well Matt, I want to thank you for your time in taking part in this interview! I’ll be, and I’m sure all of our readers will be, eagerly awaiting the further adventures you take our monster king on!