Leaked Footage Recap!
Author Sauron
Sunday - October 13, 2013 2:40 pm
Leaked Footage Recap!

If you’ve got a pair of eyeballs and have surfed the web anytime in the past four days I’m willing to bet you’ve seen the leaked sizzle reel for Legendary’s GODZILLA. If you’re really sharp – you caught the leaked ‘trailer’ for the film last night at about midnight.

You read that right. Not one – but TWO teaser trailers of sorts have leaked online within the span of the past four days. And it has been quite the ride.

First things first: The initial footage that leaked (you know, the one minute and thirty seconds of sombre awesomeness that took the internet by shitstorm earlier this week) made its rounds as an official “leaked trailer”. This is false. Most of us fans are completely aware of what this footage is, but for those who are not lets make a few things clear, yes?


We’re all familiar with this image, it leaked right after Gareth Edwards and team showed their proof-of-concept reel at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con. Well, in a sense that statement holds true. The image above is actually a screen grab from the recently leaked footage – hence it is a much clearer version of the originally leaked photo that hailed from Hall H.

The point of all this blathering is simple. The initial leak is not a trailer. In any sense of the word. It is (or was) a concept reel – a “proof of concept”/sizzle reel created specifically to show to fans at SDCC in 2012. This boils down to two things:

1.) We may not see any of the footage in this teaser within the actual film (including the giant six-legged red beastie).

2.) This footage was all compiled and rendered very early in production – and may not represent Godzilla’s final design, etc.

So yes, the concept reel was incredible – and it was amazing to see exactly why the clip stole the show at last years SDCC. But no internet, it is not a leaked trailer. Either way, this leaked concept reel gave us another look at Goji in motion – AND let us hear what direction they’re going in with his roar.

Now we’re not going to post anymore versions of the teaser or Goji’s roar that may still be hiding in the corners of the interwebs (because copyright infringement is never your friend) but I will tell you that Edwards and Team have settled on a roar that is rather jarring – which is good. Godzilla’s cry starts out very high pitch and forward – more of a piercing skreeonk than a trumpeting call. The tail end of his roar (digging all these puns yet?) is where the real power rests – the high pitched skreeonk falls into a deep, wail-like cry that fulfills the “trumpeting” nature of Godzilla – and makes him sound very real, and very large. Honestly I hope they tweak the beginning of the roar a bit – it reminds me way too much of GINO/Zilla. The end of his roar, however, is very reminiscent  of the original Gojira’s tangible bass-lined cry.

But wait, what about this ‘giant six-legged red beastie’ you mentioned, Jon?