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Stats for Baragon


Baragon (Showa)

Height: 25 meters

Mass: 250 metric tons

Debut Film: Frankenstein Conquers the World

Other Film Appearances: Destroy All Monsters

Powers: Baragon is able to burrow beneath the earth, employing his nasal horn and heat breath to soften the rock as he digs his way below ground. The monster is capable of accomplishing this at a remarkable speed. Baragon can also use his fiery heat breath against foes, and shows no reluctance to do so. The nasal horn also gives off a glow, allowing the monster to see even in the black depths of the earth. Baragon is also able to make quick, long-distance leaps, like a mammoth toad. The monster's back and tail are covered in a hard, armored carapace to protect him from falling rocks as he digs.


A survivor of the dinosaurs, Baragon first made himself known at roughly the same time as Frankenstein. The subterranean monster preyed upon the Japanese countryside, emerging from his tunnels to consume whatever livestock or people he came upon. At last, Baragon confronted Frankenstein, and a lengthy battle ensued. Baragon could not gain the upper hand, however, and Frankenstein apparently broke the brute's neck. Baragon's body sank into the earth along with Frankenstein when the ground gave way beneath the two monsters.

Baragon later turned up as one of the monsters confined on Monsterland. Although he was present at the Mt. Fuji battle, Baragon did not participate in the fight against King Ghidorah. Baragon is wrongly credited with attacking Paris. In fact, it was the dinosaur Gorosaurus whom the Kilaaks dispatched to ravage the City of Lights.

Combat Style:

Baragon is a somewhat crafty foe, preferring to strike suddenly and without warning, either by use of his remarkable leaping ability, or by burrowing beneath an opponent to emerge from below ground in a completely different place. Baragon uses his heat ray sparingly, seemingly only when he is somewhat certain of hitting his target. The monster much prefers to use his claws and fangs, though he shows no capability of battering an enemy with his tail. Baragon seems reluctant to do battle, unless there is food at stake. He was uncertain about fighting Frankenstein until the monster stood between the dinosaur and a village full of food. Then Baragon was entirely willing to fight to the death.

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Baragon, if you see him this close you're lunch

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