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Stats for Death Ghidorah


Death Ghidorah

Height: 100 meters

Mass: 50,000 metric tons

Film Appearances: Rebirth of Mothra

Powers: Death Ghidorah is a vile space monster, able to sap the life force of living things to fuel his own power. The monster favors consuming the life force of trees, which due to their longevity is more sustaining than that of smaller creatures. Death Ghidorah is able to spit magma-like blasts of energy from his mouths, as well as exploding fire-balls and sheets of flame. The evil beast's jaws are also super-hot, burning anything he bites like acid. Fully powered, Death Ghidorah is able to fly at relatively slow speeds, as well as creating a cloud of fog to poison the greenery of the land and feed its energy back into his own body.


Death Ghidorah was a space monster that came to Earth 65 million years ago, after having been the scourge of the galaxy, slaughtering all life on many worlds, including Mars. The ancient Elias and Mothra defeated the dread beast, imprisoning him within a mountain in Hokkaido. Death Ghidorah most likely grew from the severed tail of the space monster King Ghidorah, who was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, as well as the death of Mars.

In modern times, a lumber operation in Hokkaido uncovered Death Ghidorah's ancient prison. The foreman removed the imprisoning seal, thereby alerting the wicked fairy Belvera to the discovery. Belvera secured the seal and released the monster, hoping to control him. Her sisters, the good Elias, soon arrived, summoning Mothra to again defeat the dread beast. But Mothra could not prevail against Death Ghidorah. Sensing her distress, the unborn Mothra caterpillar emerged from its egg and came to its mother's aid. Even this was not enough, and Death Ghidorah drove both of his enemies away. The elder Mothra expired from wounds received in the battle. The younger sought out a mystic 10,000 year old tree, employing its ancient energies to transform into an even more powerful adult Mothra. The new Mothra lost little time in renewing the battle, handedly defeating Death Ghidorah and with the help of the Elias, once more imprisoning him within his mountain.

Combat Style:

Death Ghidorah is a brutal engine of destruction. He displays very little tactical finese, preferring to blast the countryside with his attacks rather than focusing solely upon his target. Indeed, the monster is easily distracted and seems hard pressed to concentrate on his battle tactics. It is this decided lack of cunning which may best explain his decided defeat at the talons of Mothra, a significantly less powerful monster.

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Death Ghidorah.

Death Ghidorah.

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