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Stats for Ebirah



Height: 50 meters

Mass: 23,000 metric tons

Debut Film: Godzilla versus the Sea Monster

Other Film Appearances: Godzilla's Revenge

Powers: A monstrous crustacean, Ebirah has powerful, snapping claws that can crush solid stone. The tip of one claw is narrow and thin, and the monster displays an understanding of how to use this spike as a stabbing weapon. The monster is encased in a tough shell, allowing him more protection from physical attack. Fully aquatic, Ebirah is more at home than on land, and displays a preference for underwater combat.


A huge atomic mutation of some unknown sea crustacean, Ebirah was first seen haunting the waters off the coast of the South Pacific island of Letchi. The terrorist organization Red Bamboo had established a base on the island, manufacturing heavy water for use in developing nuclear weapons. Either as an accidental side-effect of a leak in their power plant, or as a deliberate experiment, the monster Ebirah was created as a result of the Red Bamboo activities. The monster considered the island his hunting ground, and attacked any ship that strayed too near Letchi, unless they were protected by a liquid compound that offended the sea monster. The Red Bamboo employed Ebirah as their watchdog until the fateful day when Godzilla de-clawed the monster, driving Ebirah off, and destroyed the terrorist base.

Ebirah later turned up on Monster Island, though whether as an actual inmate of the facility or merely in the imagination of a daydreaming child is open for debate.

Combat Style:

Ebirah is a somewhat crafty foe. Lurking in the dark deep, Ebirah only surfaces when he is sure that his victim is within striking distance. The giant crab-lobster also shows a surprising ability to learn from the attacks of his foe. When Godzilla hurled boulders at the monster, Ebirah threw them right back. When Godzilla blasted Ebirah with atomic fire, scalding the crustacean, Ebirah changed tactics, submerging and pulling the reptile below the surface, in an environment more to the monster's liking. Also, Ebirah has a healthy sense of when to cut and run, displaying the good sense to break off a combat that is going quite poorly for him.

Media File:


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Ebirah, terror from the deep!

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