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Gamera (Showa)

Height: 60 meters

Mass: 80 metric tons

Debut Film: Gamera

Other Film Appearances: Gamera vs Barugon; Return of the Giant Monsters; Destroy All Planets; Attack of the Monsters; Gamera vs Monster X; Gamera vs Zigra

Powers: Gamera is capable of breathing sheets of intense flame. He is able to breathe below water and survive in the vacuum of space. His shell is extremely tough, almost impenetrable to any form of attack. Gamera's tusks are like massive daggers of bone and his powerful jaws enable him to tear the flesh from his adversaries. By withdrawing into his shell, Gamera is able to shoot flames from the openings for his arms and legs, allowing him to fly at speeds of up to Mach 3. Gamera has two forms of flight, flying with only his head and arms exposed or flying with all four of his flaming jets ignited, spinning across the sky at tremendous speed like a frisbee. Gamera is able to recover from even the most horrible of injuries, although his healing factor is less speedy than that of Godzilla. Gamera seems to favor recovering under water and this perhaps aids him in his healing. Gamera seems to be especially vulnerable to cold-based attacks. Heat or fire based attacks have no effect on Gamera. Indeed, the flame-eating turtle will actually feed off such energy!


Gamera was a legendary monster known to the Eskimos of the Arctic. A Japanese research team was on hand when the giant turtle was revived. Soviet planes, violating US air space, attempted to flee when challenged by Air Force fighters. One of the Communist planes was shot down. The plane's payload of nuclear missiles detonated on impact, resulting in an atomic explosion. The intense heat freed Gamera from his icy tomb and the monster began a campaign of terror across the nation of Japan, although also showing a curious tenderness towards children. The rampaging monster was at last lured to a joint Japanese, American and Soviet space project called the Z Plan. Z Plan was an enormous rocket. Gamera was lured to the launch pad when fires were set. The launch pad closed around Gamera, and before the monster could escape, the giant capsule was shot into space, destined for Mars.

The Earth was not free from Gamera for long, however. Enroute to Mars, the capsule struck a meteor. Gamera was free once more and soon flew back to Japan, attacking a hydro-electric plant and demolishing a dam before leaving to ingest the flames from a South American volcano. Japan may have been free of Gamera for the moment, but the island nation was soon plagued by a new monster, Barugon. During his attack on Osaka, Barugon employed his devastating rainbow heat beam to destroy a UN missile installation. The heat of the attack lured Gamera to the other monster and a tremendous battle ensued. At last, Barugon was able to freeze Gamera solid and left the frozen turtle to ravage the rest of Japan. Gamera later thawed and instantly sought out Barugon, who had survived the JSDF's last ditch attempt to stop him. Gamera succeeded where the military failed, dragging Barugon into a deep lake where the lizard-like monster soon drowned.

Gamera was hailed as a hero by many for defeating Barugon, and his attacks on man ceased. When the fiendish Gyaos appeared and began preying on the people of Japan, Gamera appeared to destroy the blood-drinking bat-beast. Invaders from the planet Viras found Gamera awaiting them in orbit, destroying their ship before they could even begin their fiendish plans. A second wave of invaders were more successful, using Gamera's love for children to temporarily gain control of the turtle and send him on a rampage. Gamera broke free, however, and destroyed the space ship as soon as the children escaped. Even the colossal aggregate Viras monster could not defeat Gamera, and the squid-like alien was roasted into a charred corpse.

Gamera's next battle found him on the planet Tera, a world on the opposite side of the sun from Earth. Two young children, abducted by a saucer from Tera, are menaced by the last surviving Terans and their monstrous watchdog, the knife-headed beast Guiron. Gamera soon arrived to rescue the children and put an end to both the aliens and their gruesome Guiron.

An ancient idol removed from Wester Island provided Gamera with his next battle, battling the devil beast Jiger, the diabolic Monster X. Gamera was last seen thwarting the invasion scheme of the shark-alien Zigra, giving the shark monster the same treatment he had given the squid monster Viras a few years earlier.

Combat Style:

Gamera charges into battle before taking an adequate measure of his foe. The turtle monster is often surprised by new tactics and powers his enemies spring upon him, sometimes with near fatal results. Gamera is always better prepared when he engages his enemy in a second encounter, warily protecting himself from whatever tactics had defeated him before, often employing rubble or nearby objects as makeshift tools to aid him in protecting himself. Gamera will pursue an enemy relentlessly and offers his foes neither mercy nor quarter. If he has one overwhelming weakness, it is his complete devotion to children. He will break away from combat if children are being threatened, even sacrificing his own body to protect children from harm.

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Gamera (Showa)

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