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Stats for Gappa



Height: 50 meters

Mass: 30,000 metric tons

Film Appearances: Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

Powers: True triphibians, the Gappa creatures are at home both on land, underwater, and are able to fly. Although their flight speed is nowhere near so swift as that of other monsters, like Rodan or Mothra, it is still considerable. Gappa has a very tough scaly hide, able to absorb missile attacks without any effect. Gappa is able to generate a respectable flame breath, this being the monster's principal form of attack.


An expedition to an unnamed island in the South Pacific returns to Japan with a strange reptilian creature. The creature is, unknown to all save a native boy rescued from the island, a baby Gappa. Soon enough, the father and mother fly from the South Pacific, intent on finding their son and freeing him. The huge ancient monsters wreck havoc across Japan. Even their vulnerability to sonic waves does little to stop them. Finally, with no other choice, and with the two adult Gappa rampaging on the outskirts of Tokyo, the young monster is returned to his parents. The trio of beasts soon fly off, presumably to return to their island home.

Combat Style:

In combat, the Gappa monsters watch out for one another, paying serious attention to the entire conflict, not just what is happening to themselves. In one instance, the male Gappa shielded the female from a missile attack by using his own body. Gappa is not averse to using his fiery breath, either, and do not show any manner of mercy to his enemies. All in all, however, the monsters do not display a great deal of foresight, and seem to react much more than they actually plan or consider their actions.

Media File:


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