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Stats for Gezora



Height: 30 meters

Mass: 25,000 metric tons

Film Appearances: Yog, Monster from Space

Powers: A legendary sea monster said to haunt the waters off the island of Selga, Gezora was either mutated or else infected by the ethereal extraterrestrial intelligence known as Yog. The gigantic squid beast is at home in the water, but also capable of shambling about in an ungainly manner on dry land, 'walking' upon its foremost tentacles. The creature's tough, leathery hide is impervious to bullets, and its tentacles possess great gripping power. Gezora also seems to emit a very cold atmosphere about itself, even chilling the waters around its body and causing frostbite like wounds. Gezora also emits a low level light, like a radioactive glow about its form in dark places. This frigid aspect of its nature is offset by its extreme vulnerability to fire. The controlling Yog influence is also vulnerable to sonic impulses, such as the shrill radar shrieks of bats, and whatever its has taken possession of also shares this vulnerability.


The legendary sea monster Gezora was taken over by the malignant alien intelligence known as Yog. The alien employed the huge squid beast to attack the atoll near where the Helio 7 capsule crashed, the very vessel which carried Yog to Earth. The squid monster became the terror of the islanders, but was at last driven away when the islanders and Japanese adventurers it was preying upon fought back with fire, Gezora's weakness. Severely injured, Gezora retreated back into the ocean, sinking below the waves. The Yog entity abandoned the dying monster it had possessed, its intangible essence seeking out a new host body to infest.

Combat Style:

Gezora is sheer brute force. A clumsy monster, it often requires several passes to ensnare a victim with one of its lengthy tentacles. Gezora also is extremely awkward on land, moving very slowly. Whether due to its own primitive brain or the over-riding will of Yog, Gezora displays an inability to recognize a threat to itself, and is very slow to react to injury, not recoiling and retreating until it has been dealt a serious injury.

Media File:


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