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Stats for Godzilla (1954)


Godzilla (1954)

Height: 50 meters

Mass: 20,000 metric tons

Film Appearances: Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Powers: Godzilla possesses a hyper-regeneration power, allowing him to heal even grievous wounds quite quickly. Godzilla also has a devastating ray of atomic energy which he can spew from his mouth. The long tail of the monster is also very powerful and quite capable of battering buildings into rubble.


The atomic and hydrogen bomb tests in the South Pacific have a fallout more devastating than radiation. A slumbering dinosaur is awakened and mutated by the tests. First appearing in the vicinity of Odo Island, the huge monster is unstoppable, surviving navy attempts to destroy him. Godzilla soon appears in Tokyo itself, completely destroying the great city. Only the horrible Oxygen Destroyer is capable of killing the awesome monster, the weapon's inventor, Dr. Serizawa at last agreeing to the use of the creation. All life in the waters of Tokyo Bay perishes along with Godzilla as Dr. Serizawa unleashes the awesome weapon's fury against the monster. In the end, not even Godzilla's skeleton is left by the all-consuming Oxygen Destroyer.

Combat Style:

The original Godzilla was a walking juggernaut, crushing anything unfortunate enough to get in his way. This single-minded destruction characterizes the almost un-thinking brute in his attacks on Tokyo. Godzilla was largely immune to the effects of cannons, missiles and even massive amounts of electricity. He appeared mildly annoyed by jet fighters, and was even driven off by them, but more from irritation than any actual damage dealt to him by his attackers.

Media File:


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Godzilla, King of the Monsters

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