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Stats for Godzilla (GMK)


Godzilla (GMK)

Height: 60 meters

Mass: 30,000 metric tons

Film Appearances: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giants Monsters All-Out Attack

Powers: Godzilla is nearly indestructible. His tough scaly hide is almost impenetrable and even such attacks as do harm him are quickly negated by his fast-acting regenerative abilities. Indeed, even reduced to only his heart, the monster lives on. Godzilla is equally at home on land or beneath the sea, being able to swim quite rapidly and breathe underwater. Godzilla is able to deliver terrible damage with his claws and fangs and his massive tail can be used as a bludgeon and to batter away back-attacking foes. Godzilla's most terrible weapon, however, is his withering atomic breath attack, a hellish stream of radioactive heat which detonates with the horrible intensity of a nuclear explosion.


A horrible beast that first appeared in 1954, seemingly the result of H-Bomb tests in the South Pacific. The monster soon attacked Tokyo, but was destroyed by the oxygen destroyer. Or so it was assumed, although no remains of the monster could be found to verify his death. In 2002, with the destruction of a US Navy nuclear submarine, the spectre of Godzilla once again loomed over Japan. Even as the Japanese prepared for his possible return, Godzilla attacked Odo Island, the place where years before he had first been discovered.

Motivated by the unquiet souls of the millions of war dead from the Pacific theatre of WWII, Godzilla seeks to avenge those dead on a Japan that has forgotten its past and the horrors of war. The unstoppable beast appears in Hakone, where he is attacked by one of the Sacred Beasts of Yamato, the god of land, Baragon. After killing the reptilian monster, Godzilla proceeded to Tokyo itself. In Tokyo, Godzilla was confronted by the combined might of the other guardians of Yamato, King Ghidorah and Mothra, as well as the JSDF. Although he managed to destroy both King Ghidorah and Mothra, Godzilla was himself undone by the valiant efforts of Lt General Tachibana. The general piloted a submersible down Godzilla's throat, then burrowed his way back out of the monster's body. The resulting tear in Godzilla's body caused his radioactive energies to run rampant when next he sought to employ his atomic breath, causing the monster to explode. However, even this was not enough to destroy Godzilla, as his disembodied heart continued to beat at the bottom of Tokyo Bay, slowly regenerating a new body.

Combat Style:

Godzilla is a lumbering, unstoppable juggernaut. He constantly attacks, never retreats and offers no quarter for his enemies, or, indeed, anything that lives. He displays an aggressiveness that is unmatched and his battle tactics are focused upon brutality and ferocity, seeking to destroy his adversary as quickly as possible in order to march onward and claim still more victims. This Godzilla is Death itself, and like death, cannot be overcome or reasoned with, only avoided for as long as possible.

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Godzilla (GMK).

Godzilla (GMK).

Godzilla (GMK).

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