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Stats for Godzilla (Heisei 2)


Godzilla (Heisei 2)

Height: 100 meters

Mass: 60,000 metric tons

Debut Film: Godzilla vs King Ghidora

Other Film Appearances: Godzilla and Mothra: the Battle for Earth, Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2, Godzilla vs Space Godzilla, Godzilla vs Destoroyah

Powers: Created by the fury of modern nuclear weapons due to a sunken Soviet submarine, this Godzilla is much larger and more powerful than any of his other incarnations. Like other Godzillas, this Godzilla has an incredible regenerative factor, allowing him to heal injuries almost instantly. Godzilla also is able to spit a beam of incredible force. This Godzilla is also able to generate a devastating nuclear pulse, an undirected current of atomic power released from his body in all directions. Following his absorption of the radioactive energies of Fire Rodan, Godzilla gained an even more powerful radioactive breath attack, a golden ray of death and obliteration. In his dying days, as the terrible 'Burning Godzilla', Godzilla's body was giving off incredible heat, boiling the waters of the ocean as he swam through them. Such was the rampant, uncontrollable nature of Godzilla's nuclear energy at this point that all of his attacks were very variable in power, at times being weaker than normal and at other times being vastly more powerful than usual.


Travelers from the future employed a time machine to transport the Godzillasaurus on Lagos Island to the last decade of the 20th century, thereby removing the dinosaur from the atomic test that would have transformed it into Godzilla. Unfortunately, the region of the Bering Sea they chose to deposit the dinosaur in was also the site of a Soviet nuclear submarine accident. The lingering radiation of the sinking mutated the dinosaur into Godzilla. A further infusion of atomic power was given to Godzilla when he attacked and destroyed the nuclear submarine built and operated by the Shindo Corporation. Godzilla soon set foot on the Japanese islands, and was quickly confronted by the Futurians' own monster, King Ghidorah. Godzilla made short work of the three-headed monster and made his way to Tokyo, ravaging the countryside as he went. The remains of King Ghidorah were revived as Mecha-King Ghidorah and sent to prevent Godzilla from destroying the city. In this task, the cyborg succeeded, but it was finished off by a point blank blast of atomic fire as it flew Godzilla out to sea.

Over the years, Godzilla returned to Japan many times, battling many creatures during the course of his rampages. Mothra, Battra, Rodan, and Space Godzilla each had their own conflicts with Godzilla. The UNGCC, founded to end Godzilla's rampages sent the robot monsters Mechagodzilla and MOGUERA to defeat the beast, but always Godzilla emerged triumphant. Mechagodzilla came the closest to ending Godzilla's reign of terror, but the crippled Godzilla was able to absorb the energies of the dying Fire Rodan, healing himself and gaining a terrible golden ray of devastating power.

Godzilla met his end when his own nuclear energies began to go amok. His own radiation caused the uranium deposits on Birth Island to detonate, destroying the island utterly and giving off enough fallout to both destabilize Godzilla's atomic furnace and mutate Little Godzilla into the more evolved Godzilla Junior. Godzilla appeared in Hong Kong, his body glowing with nuclear energy running rampant through his body, his skin steaming and smoking as his body quickly built towards a meltdown. The JSDF and UNGCC tried many measures to try and prevent Godzilla's meltdown, and the awful 'China Syndrome' it was feared his super-heated corpse might cause. At the same time, many crustacean creatures were plaguing Tokyo, living progeny of the Oxygen Destroyer which had killed the first Godzilla in 1954. It was decided to lure Godzilla to Tokyo in the hopes that the Destroyer-creatures could kill him before his body reached critical mass. To do this, psychics Miki Saegusa and Meru were able to lead Godzilla Junior to the city. Godzilla soon followed. The crustaceans, after being defeated by Godzilla Junior, merged into a huge, winged, gargoyle-like monster, Destroyah. Destroyah set upon avenging himself on Godzilla Junior, seemingly killing the beast. Then, the fiend began his assault on the vengeful Godzilla. The battle was long and terrible, but in the end Godzilla's immense power and tremendous fury proved too much for Destroyah. Trying to flee, the monster was finished off by the weaponry of the Super X-3. Even as Destroyah expired, Godzilla's body began its hideous and climactic meltdown. Flesh dripped from his bones and even these turned to ash and slime as the radiation consumed everything. The radioactive residue of Godzilla's death seemed certain to poison Tokyo for generations, when radiation levels began to drop away. Rising from the ruins of the Haneda Airport, Godzilla Junior arose. The younger beast had absorbed the radiation from the elder, becoming, in effect, the new Godzilla.

Combat Style:

Godzilla is a walking earthquake or typhoon. He barrels through any obstacle in his path, attacking mercilessly and holding back nothing. Godzilla will play his awesome atomic ray against his foes, blasting them apart in a ferocious display of power. Nor will Godzilla be content to sit back and attack from a distance. Even as his atomic ray tears apart his enemy, Godzilla still advances, more than willing to sink his claws and teeth into his devastated foe.

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Godzilla (Heisei).

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