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Stats for Godzilla (Millennium)


Godzilla (Millennium)

Height: 55 meters

Mass: 20,500 metric tons

Debut Film: Godzilla 2000

Powers: Godzilla is able to breathe a fiery ray of radiation that is highly explosive. The monster is also able to superheat his dorsal plates, allowing them to melt through metal. The monster is highly agile as well, able to knock a flying object from the sky with a swipe of his tail. Godzilla's greatest attribute, however, is a compound in his cell structure called 'Regenerator G-1', allowing the monster to regenerate damaged tissue at an incredible rate. Already highly resistant to injury and attack, this regeneration ability makes Godzilla almost indestructible.


The exact origin of Godzilla is a mystery, although he is the spawn of atomic radiation. For an unknown period of time, the monster has been haunting the shores of Japan, attacking and feeding upon energy sources such as nuclear power plants.

During an attack on the nuclear power plant at Tokai, Godzilla was assaulted by the alien UFO found in the Ogasawara Trench. The UFO dealt Godzilla a serious injury. The very next night, with the saucer in Tokyo, Godzilla returned to exact his revenge. The alien intelligence within the UFO absorbed some of Godzilla's DNA, extracting the Regenerator G-1 cells. Using this genetic matter, the formless alien created a body for itself, turning into the hulking monster Orga. The imperfect merging of alien and Godzilla DNA lost no time in attacking Godzilla, seeking even more of his DNA to become still more like a clone of the mutant Godzilla. But Orga was unable to prevail, and Godzilla defeated the alien after a fierce battle.

Combat Style:

Godzilla seems to prefer to close with an enemy and rend it with his claws and fangs. He seems unwilling to employ his atomic breath except as a last resort, unless an enemy has proven too tough to defeat in any other manner. Godzilla also seems unwilling to refuse any challenge, lumbering forward at the slightest provocation, heedless of caution or common sense.

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Godzilla (Millennium).

Godzilla (Millennium).

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