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Stats for Godzilla (Showa)


Godzilla (Showa)

Height: 50 meters

Mass: 20,000 metric tons

Debut Film: Gigantis the Fire Monster

Other Film Appearances: King Kong vs Godzilla; Godzilla vs Mothra; Ghidrah the Three-headed Monster; Godzilla vs Monster Zero; Godzilla versus the Sea Monster; Son of Godzilla; Destroy All Monsters; Godzilla's Revenge; Godzilla vs the Smog Monster; Godzilla on Monster Island; Godzilla vs Megalon; Godzilla vs the Cosmic Monster; Terror of Mechagodzilla. Also appeared on the television series Zone Fighter.

Powers: A powerful regenerative power enables Godzilla to heal even the most hideous wounds quickly. He has displayed this power in his battles with the saw-wielding Gigan and the corrosive acids of Hedorah. Godzilla also displays a variety of radioactive breath attacks, ranging from fiery blasts of atomic flame, to concentrated gouts of radioactive smoke. Godzilla's tail is long and powerful and is often used to help batter a foe into submission. On rare occasions, Godzilla has absorbed the power of an electrical storm to magnetize his body. He has also been observed to use his atomic breath to propel himself through the air. An amphibious monster, Godzilla is equally at home on land or sea.


Following the destruction of the original Godzilla, a second member of the species was discovered on a barren island battling the monster Anguirus. The two soon continued their battle to Japan. Eventually, Godzilla was trapped in an avalanche of ice by the Japanese military. It was a short respite, for soon the ice broke away and was floating in the Bering Sea as an iceberg when Godzilla finally freed himself. His second reign of terror was ended by the giant ape King Kong, who left the reptile below the waters off the coast of Japan. Following an attempt by the Japanese to reclaim land from the sea, Godzilla returned, emerging from the once submerged earth. Only the timely assistance of Mothra saved Japan, Mothra's twin larvae binding Godzilla in a veil of silk and causing the reptile to topple back into the sea.

Godzilla soon returned, appearing off the coast of Japan and heading straight toward his old stomping grounds. He was soon locked in a prolonged battle with Rodan. Meanwhile, the monster King Ghidorah arrived on Earth. In order to defeat the three-headed fiend, Mothra convinced Godzilla and Rodan to join forces and defeat the space demon, sending Ghidorah flying away from Earth with his tails between his legs. Soon thereafter, the aliens of the Planet X approached the people of Earth to borrow Godzilla and Rodan to help them rid their own world of King Ghidorah. Eager to be rid of the two monsters, the earth agreed. The Xians soon revealed their true nature, sending all three monsters to attack Japan. The alien control over the monsters was broken, however and Godzilla and Rodan soon confronted their old enemy King Ghidorah. All three monsters fell into the sea, only King Ghidorah emerging, again retreating into space.

Godzilla was not seen again until his dormant body was discovered by marooned adventurers on the island of Letchi. They revived the monster with a bolt of electricity in an effort to save themselves from the terrorist organization Red Bamboo and their sea monster Ebirah. Godzilla was next seen on Sogell island, answering the call of an egg which revealed itself to contain a baby member of the species. Godzilla and his 'son' Minya soon found themselves battling the island's other monstrous inhabitants, a swarm of huge praying mantises called Kamakirus and the giant spider Kumonga. A weather experiment froze the two victorious reptiles. When Godzilla next appeared, it was as one of the inmates of Monsterland, a facility in the Ogasawara Islands designed to contain all of the Earth's monsters. The alien Kilaaks soon freed the monsters and used them to attack the world's great cities. When they were freed of the alien control, the monsters were set upon the Kilaaks, Godzilla leading the attack. Even King Ghidorah's appearance could not save the Kilaaks from Godzilla's wrath.

Following the events of the Kilaak invasion, Godzilla became a friend to mankind, defending humanity and the earth from all manner of alien invaders and their monstrous creatures. He also befriended the size-changing superhero Zone Fighter, helping him to ward off the evil designs of the Garoga aliens and their army of monsters. Godzilla's last appearance was his successful defeat of the combined menace of Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla 2.

Combat Style:

This Godzilla displayed a much less unstoppable and much more intelligent manner of fighting. Vulnerable to electricity, Godzilla nonetheless could harness the power of a storm to revitalize himself. In battle, Godzilla would grapple with an enemy, employing his fiery breath as a weapon of last resort or as the coup de gra to finally convince his foe that it was time to concede defeat. Godzilla was by no means a ruthless adversary, often times allowing an enemy to flee with its life rather than finishing the vanquished monster off. In latter years, Godzilla exhibited a definite compassion for humanity, sometimes sacrificing himself to save human life.

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Godzilla ready for action.

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