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Stats for Gorosaurus



Height: 35 meters

Mass: 8,000 metric tons

Debut Film: King Kong Escapes

Other Film Appearances: Destroy All Monsters

Powers: Gorosaurus is a giant theropod dinosaur. In addition to his nasty bite, Gorosaurus does possess extremely powerful leg muscles. The monster is able to deliver a terrific 'kangaroo kick' by rearing back on his tail and lashing out against his enemy with both legs at once. This is a very powerful attack, actually succeeding in downing King Ghidorah. Gorosaurus is also possibly able to burrow through the earth in a manner similar to Anguirus or Baragon.


Discovered on Mondo Island, Gorosaurus menaced UN operatives until King Kong's timely arrival. Kong and Gorosaurus fought a terrible battle, ending in the dinosaur's seeming death. Gorosaurus was not killed however, and later was found as one of the inmates of Monster Island. Under the control of the alien Kilaaks, Gorosaurus attacked Paris, destroying the Arc de Triomphe. Later, Gorosaurus took part in the battle against King Ghidorah and was instrumental in the final defeat of the space demon.

Combat Style:

Gorosaurus lacks any manner of distance attack and so relies upon close combat. Gorosaurus is a tenacious and determined combatant; even attacking King Kong after the giant ape had left him for dead. Gorosaurus does not display any particular cunning, rather preferring to wade into a fight and trust to his own strength and agility rather than any particular tactics or foresight.

Media File:


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