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Stats for Grand Ghidorah


Grand King Ghidorah

Height: 60 meters

Wingspan: 80 meters

Mass: 50,000 metric tons


Cretaceous Height: 40 meters

Cretaceous Wingspan: 50 meters

Cretaceous Mass: 20,500 metric tons


Debut Film: Mothra 3: King Ghidorah Attacks

Powers: In his immature form, King Ghidorah is able to fly and also shoot balls of fire from each of his three mouths. His other abilities do not yet seem to have developed, as evidenced by the fact that he seems to consume food physically, rather than the more complicated 'extraction' process he later employs. In his ultimate form, Grand King Ghidorah is able to breathe devastating bolts of gravitic energy from each of his three heads. He is able to fly, and also travel through space by encasing himself within extracted life essenses and hurtling through the void like a meteor. Grand King Ghidorah is able to fire electrical blasts from his wings, one from each the lower spur of each segment of each wing. Ghidorah's ability to fly is based more upon an anti-gravity ability than it is on actual flight, as evidenced by his ability to remain airborne even with one wing removed. Ghidorah is also able to exert his will over other living creatures, influencing their actions. So terrible is this ability, that Ghidorah was able to shift the allegiance of one of Mothra's fairy priestesses to himself for a time. Ghidorah's most unique ability, however, is to teleport desired food items to a pulsating, organic dome of his own creation to extract their life essence at his leisure.


A rampaging space demon, King Ghidorah first struck the earth 130 million years ago, in the Cretaceous period. Indeed, it was his arrival that exterminated the dinosaurs and most other life on Earth at the time. Encased within a meteor, the space demon left, thriving off the collected life-essences of the dinosaurs as he traveled the void. In 1999, however, a meteor shower brought with it the capsule containing the ancient demon. Crashing in the Aokigahara region of Mt. Fuji, it did not take the space demon long to begin collecting a new source of food. Humans. Preying on children, at first, King Ghidorah scoured Japan, transporting his prey, alive and whole, to a the inside of a pulsating feeding dome hidden within Fuji forest.

Mothra was not long in arriving to try and stop King Ghidorah's depredations, but even her determination was nothing before the space monster's awesome power. King Ghidorah's kind had been responsible for half the extinctions in the cosmos, and the space monster seemed easily capable of adding Mothra to the list. Finally, employing the aid of her priestess Moll, Mothra traveled back in time to attack Ghidorah when he first arrived on Earth and was not so powerful.

The battle at the dawn of time was fierce and terrible. During the conflict, Mothra severed one of Ghidorah's tails, the limb burrowing into the ground to eventually mature and mutate into the monster Death Ghidorah thousands of years later. King Ghidorah was at last overcome by a paralyzing powder shed by Mothra. Mothra dropped the paralyzed monster into the active interior of Mt. Fuji, hoping the volcano would finish the beast. Weary, at the point of death, Mothra crumpled on the ground and was encased in a cocoon of silk by three ancient Mothra caterpillars. She could not know that the demon still lived.

Back in 1999, King Ghidorah disappeared, seemingly erased from time. But the interior of Mt. Fuji had not held the space monster long, and King Ghidorah's appearance in 1999 was only delayed by a matter of 1 day. The space monster began collecting his prey once more, with nothing to oppose him.

As the demon's triumph seemed assured, however, the ancient cocoon containing Mothra's battered form cracked open. The centuries had healed the insect deity, and given her a new, more powerful ability. Mothra transformed into an armored form, and renewed her battle with Ghidorah. Now able to withstand the monster's attacks, Mothra made short work of the beast, using one of her new abilities to fly straight through the monster, destabilizing the creature. Like a pane of shattered glass, King Ghidorah shattered, his fragments scattering across the Mt. Fuji wilderness.

Combat Style:

In both forms, King Ghidorah is an arrogant and self-assured fighter. The beast spares no effort in attacking an enemy, spewing fire balls and gravity beams with wantonness. The evil monster seems unwilling to finish an enemy too quickly, however, preferring to prolong their agony. It is this arrogance that leads the space demon to underestimate the abilities of his foes. Still, King Ghidorah does display a marked intelligence, seeking to weaken Mothra through the weak link of her priestesses before even engaging the deity. King Ghidorah is also a tenacious and wrathful combatant, refusing to retreat even after receiving the most hideous of wounds.

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Cretaceous Ghidorah.

Grand Ghidorah.

Grand Ghidorah.

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