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Stats for Guiron



Height: 85 meters

Mass: 110 metric tons

Film Appearances: Attack of the Monsters

Powers: A very physical monster, Guiron sports a brutal array of cruel weapons. The monster's head is a long, very sharp blade, capable of penetrating even Gamera's shell. The monster also is able to fire shuriken-like missiles from circular depressions on either side of his knife-like blade. The monster is also a very good jumper, able to leap over great distances to bring his blade-like head down upon an enemy with gruesome effect. The knife-like head is extremely tough, the beam of the Space Gyaos could not even penetrate it, but was reflected back at the monster. The opening for the star-like missiles is a weakness, however and can be penetrated quite easily.


The guardian beast of the alien civilization on the planet Terra, a world orbiting the sun exactly opposite the Earth. Guiron is called upon to protect the last survivors of this alien society from the marauding legions of Space Gyaos that have conquered the planet. In this task, Guiron proves quite efficient, butchering any Gyaos foolish enough to draw close to him with all the skill of an executioner.

Reaching Terra to rescue two Earth children, Gamera was forced to battle Guiron. In their opening engagement, Guiron easily gained the upper hand, forcing Gamera to retreat into the alien sea to recover. Released by the earth children, and without the directing influence of the aliens, Guiron went wild, attacking those he was meant to protect. Then, the knife-headed monster entered the sea to attack the wounded Gamera. Gamera soon moved the battle onto land. After a terrible struggle, Gamera managed to thrust a missile fired at him by the aliens into the round shuriken-firing section of Guiron's head. The resulting explosion nearly decapitated Guiron, and ended the beast's gory career as guardian of Terra.

Combat Style:

Guiron is a brutal and sadistic adversary. The monster's gruesome array of weapons can literally butcher an enemy. The monster will attack an enemy until he is completely dismembered, as displayed by his vicious attack on the Space Gyaos. Guiron does not appear to be a particularly intelligent combatant; rather he is a sheer brutal bruiser. The monster is absolutely ruthless, sparing his enemy no quarter. Even a downed or injured foe would not escape his thirst for death and blood, and indeed, he seems to relish the butchery he can inflict upon weaker adversaries.

Media File:


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