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Stats for King Ghidorah (GMK)


King Ghidorah (GMK)

Height: 49 meters

Wingspan: 93 meters

Mass: 25,000 metric tons

Film Appearances: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giants Monsters All-Out Attack

Powers: In his immature form, King Ghidorah is able to deliver powerful electrically charged bites from each of his three mouths. Physically tough, King Ghidorah is able to take severe damage in battle without serious injury. In his matured form, King Ghidorah is able to fly at speeds of Mach 3, displaying considerable agility on the wing. He is also able to spit devastating gravity bolts from each of his three heads. Most powerful of all, King Ghidorah can erect a reflective energy barrier that absorbs a beam attack and redirects it back at his enemy.


King Ghidorah is one of the Sacred Beasts of Yamato. In ancient Japan, the monster terrorized the countryside until he was slain and his spirit and body buried. The Japanese made their fallen foe a deity, erecting a shrine that both imprisoned and honoured the dragon's soul. Over the centuries, King Ghidorah slowly took shape once more, but his spirit had mellowed, becoming a guardian of Yamato, the land of Japan. In modern times, and well ahead of the ten thousand years it would take for King Ghidorah to fully restore himself, events were set in motion by the mysterious Professor Isayama to revive and release King Ghidorah, for the guardian beast would be needed to combat the newly arisen Godzilla.

King Ghidorah fought Godzilla as the monster attacked Tokyo. Wounded by Godzilla, King Ghidorah was able to heal himself after Mothra's fading life-force was transferred to him, allowing him to mature into his full power and combat Godzilla once again, driving the monster king back into Tokyo Bay. Sadly, even his augmented powers were not enough to destroy Godzilla, and the mighty dragon joined the other Sacred Beasts in failure and death.

Combat Style:

King Ghidorah prefers close combat, where he can use the fangs and jaws of his three mouths to great effect, delivering terrible shocking charges. The monster is not adverse to following his enemy into foreign terrain either, even chasing Godzilla underwater. King Ghidorah does, however, learn from mistakes. Upon seeing that his physical attacks were not enough to defeat Godzilla, the three-headed monster withdrew, attacking Godzilla from distance with his gravity bolts, seeking to soften up his enemy before attacking once again. Like all of the Sacred Beasts of Yamato, King Ghidorah is extremely valiant, battling against the most hideous odds to protect and preserve the county he defends.

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King Ghidorah (GMK).

King Ghidorah (GMK).

King Ghidorah (GMK).

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