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King Kong

Height: 45 meters

Mass: 25,000 metric tons

Debut Film: King Kong vs Godzilla

Other Film Appearances: King Kong Escapes

Powers: Kong's strength and endurance are tremendous, possibly without equal. The enormous ape is capable of swimming across entire seas without any sign of fatigue. His brutal grip is enough to crush steel and crumble mountains. Kong draws power from electricity, even being capable of delivering surges of electricity from his fingers if he has been given a significant charge. The ape does show signs of being vulnerable to radiation, having shied away from both Godzilla's ray and the radioactive deposits of Element X beneath Dr. Who's Arctic headquarters. However, when sufficiently enraged, Kong will ignore his fear. Nothing will stay the ape's hand when he is angered. Kong is also capable of hurling enormous boulders at his enemies and has displayed an understanding of elementary hand-to-hand combat tactics with an almost human level of intelligence.


King Kong was discovered by explorers from Pacific Pharmaceuticals on the isolated Faro Island. Worshipped as a god by the primitive islanders, Kong was captured after he drank enormous quantities of the natives' red berry juice following a battle with a giant octopus. Taken back to Japan, Kong soon escaped captivity. Drawn to the rampaging Godzilla, Kong briefly attacked the atomic dragon. A blast of searing radioactive flame soon gave King Kong second thoughts about fighting the mutant dinosaur. Kong soon attacked Tokyo, rampaging through the city, but was again subdued with the Faro Island berry juice. Airlifted to Mt. Fuji by the JSDF, King Kong was again pitted against Godzilla. Kong attacked Godzilla viciously, but was again bested by the monster. A chance electrical storm revitalized Kong, however, and the revived ape gained the upper hand against Godzilla. Both monsters tumbled into the sea, but only Kong resurfaced, having defeated the reptile in his own element.

King Kong was next discovered living on Mondo Island by a UN research team. The giant ape battled the dinosaur Gorosaurus who was menacing a female member of the expedition, succeeding in apparently killing the huge theropod. Kong also fought and killed a giant silver sea snake that thought to attack the UN team. News of Kong's re-appearance soon reached the nefarious Dr. Who, a megalomaniacal 'international Judas' hired by an unnamed Asian communist nation to secure the exceedingly rare and powerful Element X from the Arctic. His own creation, the Mechani-kong, proving unable to resist the radiation of Element X, Dr. Who decided to use the real Kong to dig up the element. Dr. Who and his henchmen successfully captured Kong and transferred him to their Arctic base. The radiation of Element X disturbed Kong enough, however, that Dr. Who was unable to maintain control over the beast. Kong soon escaped, swimming from the Arctic back to Tokyo. Dr. Who was quick in his pursuit, determined to possess Kong. Dr. Who sent his Mechani-kong to subdue Kong, trying to force the ape back to Who's ship. The two monstrous apes climbed Tokyo Tower, scuffling along the way. When Dr. Who's control for the robot was destroyed, however, Kong was able to defeat the Mechani-kong, sending the robot crashing to the street below and shattering it into hundreds of pieces. Kong capitalized on his victory by seeking out Dr. Who's ship in Tokyo Bay and destroying both it and the madman.

Combat Style:

King Kong will normally confront an enemy before attacking, giving an adversary the opportunity to retreat. He will usually begin by hurling boulders at his enemy, then closing with his enemy, where his great strength can bash them into submission. Kong is a crafty foe, using terrain to his advantage and even capable of springing ambushes against enemies. The ape does show an inordinate fascination for human women, however, and can be forced to give up an advantage if a woman he has grown attached to is imperiled. When angered, however, Kong attacks ferociously and without quarter, ignoring even fear and injuries in his determination to overcome his foe.

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