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Stats for Kumonga



Height: 45 meters

Mass: 8,000 metric tons

Debut Film: Son of Godzilla

Other Film Appearances: Destroy All Monsters; Godzilla's Revenge

Powers: The giant spider Kumonga has all of the abilities of a normal jungle spider. He is able to shoot a tough web that can entangle and entrap his prey, only heat and flame can severe the iron-hard strands. The giant spider also has a powerful poison stinger concealed within his mouth, a dagger-like spike that can shoot out from between the spider's mandibles. The spider's body is encased in a tough exo-skeleton, granting Kumonga a limited resistance to physical attacks.


A legendary monster reported to dwell in the jungle of Sollgel Island by WWII soldiers, Kumonga was probably of a size comparable to that of the pre-mutated Kamacuras. Exposure to the UN weather experiment, however, changed the spider into a gigantic kaiju-sized monstrosity. Kumonga attacked a Kamacuras and nearly killed Minya before Godzilla intervened. Still, the gigantic spider nearly killed Godzilla himself in their battle, only the interferance of Minya tipped the scales in Godzilla's favor. The two reptiles blasted Kumonga with fiery breath, apparently killing him.

Kumonga later appeared as a denizen of Monster Island. He was present at the final battle against the Kilaaks, helping Mothra to trap King Ghidorah in a mesh of web and silk.

Combat Style:

Kumonga is a stalker. He lurks in cover, waiting for an adversary or victim to draw close, then attempts to immobilze them with his web. Once a victim has been completely entrapped, Kumonga will creep in close and strike with his poison stinger. Still, the fierce spider is not averse to an actual fight, and will stand his ground, even against the toughest of enemies.

Media File:


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