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Stats for Manda



Length: 150 meters

Mass: 30,000 metric tons

Debut Film: Atragon

Other Film Appearances: Destroy All Monsters

Powers: Manda is an aquatic monster, able to remain underwater for indefinite periods of time and capable of tremendous speeds when swimming. The snake-like dragon can use his long, powerful body like a python, trapping an enemy in his coils and crushing the life from it. Manda's tiny legs give him the ability to navigate on land, though he is not able to do so at any great speed. Manda appears to be vulnerable to electricity and extreme cold.


Manda was the dragon god of the undersea empire of Mu. When the undersea battleship Atragon attacked the Mu Empire, Manda was released and attacked the ship to protect his worshippers. Manda nearly succeeded in crushing the mighty battleship, but was driven off by a powerful charge of electricity. Atragon employed its Zero Cannon to freeze the reptilian sea serpent, entombing him against the cliff above the entrance to the Mu Empire.

Manda apparently survived both the Zero Cannon and the violent destruction of the Mu Empire, although his distinctive horns somehow were lost due to one or the other occurrence. Manda was one of the monsters imprisoned at Monsterland. Under Kilaak control, Manda joined Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra in attacking Tokyo. Later, Manda appeared at the Mt. Fuji battle, although he did not attack King Ghidorah with the other monsters, perhaps due to the space demon's electrical rays.

Combat Style:

Manda is a very straightforward combatant. After observing an enemy for a brief amount of time, the dragon will attack, seeking to employ his crushing coils. Manda displays a degree of intelligence, as well, and apparently learns from his mistakes. Injured by Atragon's electrical attack, Manda appears to have decided not to suffer greater injury from King Ghidorah's electrical rays and avoided combat with the three-headed fiend.

Media File:


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Manda attacking Tokyo!

Manda uses a building for scouting purposes.

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