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Stats for Titanosaurus



Height: 60 meters

Mass: 30,000 metric tons

Film Appearances: Terror of Mechagodzilla

Powers: Discovered by the mad Dr. Mafune, Titanosaurus is a breed of gigantic aquatic dinosaur. In the water, Titanosaurus can swim at incredible speeds, creating whirlpools. On land, the monster is less agile, but can open the fan of his long tail to create cyclone winds, capable of staggering even Godzilla and blowing tons of debris and rubble like they were fallen leaves. Titanosaurus is highly vulnerable to sonic frequencies and can be driven off or stunned by their application against him.


A peaceful dinosaur, Titanosaurus was discovered by the mad scientist Dr. Mafune, who subsequently found a way to control the dinosaur. Joining forces with the Simeons, the ape-like aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole, Mafune lent Titanosaurus to the aliens' efforts to conquer the Earth. After a dismal encounter with Godzilla in which control of the dinosaur was lost and he broke off combat, it was decided that Titanosaurus would fight along side the newly completed Mechagodzilla 2. Both monsters were unleashed upon Tokyo, nearly destroying the city before Godzilla arrived to combat them. Even so, the two monsters were too much for Godzilla and only the appearance of an Interpol helicopter armed with a sonic transmitter evened the odds enough to give Godzilla a chance. While the sonic transmitter kept Titanosaurus occupied, Godzilla defeated and destroyed Mechagodzilla 2. Blasting the dinosaur with his atomic fire, Godzilla sent Titanosaurus toppling into the sea, never to be seen again.

Combat Style:

A peaceful creature, Titanosaurus avoids combat at any cost. Left to his own devices, he will retreat from any combat situation. Under the control of others, however, the dinosaur is very much a close-in battler, using punches and kicks to great effect and employing his cyclone creating tail to confuse and disorient a foe before setting him up for the kill.

Media File:


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