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Stats for Varan



Height: 50 meters

Mass: 15,000 metric tons

Debut Film: Varan the Unbelievable

Other Film Appearances: Destroy All Monsters

Powers: Varan is an amphibious monster, equally capable of existing on land or under water. Membranes beneath his forelegs allow the monster a limited gliding ability. Varan's tail is long and powerful, capable of battering buildings into rubble. Sharp claws and fangs also lend themselves to the demon's arsenal. A row of sharp, almost translucent spines run down Varan's back, providing the beast with some natural armor. The monster does display an affinity for salt-water and is particularly vulnerable to the anti-saline chemical developed by the US Navy.


Varan was worshipped for centuries by the primitive Ainu cult of Obaki on the small island of Kunishiroshima. When the US Navy decided to test a new anti-saline chemical in the island's salt-water lake, the ancient demon-beast was disturbed. Rising from the lake, Varan set upon ravaging the island and its surrounding waters, attacking the island's only city, Oneda, at the height of his rampage. Varan was finally driven off by an even more concentrated dose of the chemical. Retreating into the sea, it was largely assumed that the chemical had killed the monster. However, Varan later appeared as one of the monsters imprisoned on Monsterland in the Ogasawara Islands.

Combat Style:

Varan is a feral, brutish creature. He possesses a single-minded lust for destruction, attacking military formations and structures until nothing is left intact. Total annihilation appears to be the only thing which will satisfy Varan. Nor does the size or aggressiveness of a target appear to figure into the beast's ferocity, Varan has emerged from the depths to attack even solitary fishing boats and to lunge at low-flying planes. Having no beam or ranged weapons, Varan must come to close grips with adversaries, ravaging them with his claws and fangs or battering them with his massive tail.

Media File:


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The elusive Varan.

Varan on the prowl.

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