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Japanese Giants Issue #9
Japanese Giants

Happy Enterprises

Issue #9

June, 2002

Reviewer:    C. L. Werner

Articles include:

  • Mini-reviews - The Invisible Man (1954) reviewed by Stuart Galbraith IV. The Lucky Dragon No. 5 (1959) reviewed by Stuart Galbraith IV. Super Atragon reviewed by Jim Walsh. Iron Armor Mikazuki reviewed by Bob Johnson. Crossfire reviewed by Bill Gudmundson.

  • Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack - by Ed Godzizewski - An in-depth look at the latest Godzilla film, from its early stages in the mind of director Shusuke Kaneko as Varan, Baragon, Angilas, to its final realization on film. Included are cast and crew biographies, a look at the rejected script, suit-making, the actors within the monster suits, and a look at the new and redesigned monster cast themselves.

  • Interview with Shusuke Kaneko - Kaneko discusses the direction of his latest film and what it was like for a fan to get his ultimate wish, direct a Godzilla movie.

  • My Year of Godzilla - by Norman England - Mr England relates his experience on the set of GMK.

  • Tokyo International Film Festival Report - by Richard Pusateri - A fan in Japan's reaction and experiences at the premier of GMK.

  • Project: Titanosaurus - by Bill Gudmundson - A detailed illustrated report on Bill Gudmundsen's scratch-built Titanosaurus model, and the positively stunning result of his labors.

  • Kumayama Komix - by Kyle Smith - An entertaining look at the host of 'What are they doing now?' and his fate as he falls under the guidance of the sinister Dr Who.

  • Music Corner - by Jim Figurski - A look at some of composer Akira Ifukube's orchestral pieces.

  • Baragon Blueprints - by Andre Dubois - An in-depth look at both the classic and the millenium Baragon monsters, as well as a discussion of the many Ultra-monsters Baragon was transformed into for Tsuburaya Productions.

  • Tohl Narita Tribute - by Alex Ward - An appreciation of Tohl Narita, one of the key design artists of Toho's golden age, and responsible for such classic monster designs as the Gargantuas and the Ultra-man nemesis Red King.

  • Reminiscences of the Vapor Man - by Steve Ryfle - An interview with actor Yoshio Tsuchiya, whose many credits include the leaders of both the Mysterians and Planet X as well as the Human Vapor and the industrialist Shindo in Godzilla vs King Ghidora, not to mention many Kurosawa films, such as Red Beard and Seven Samurai.

  • Attack of the Mushroom People - by Stan Hyde - Comparing the Toho film against its source material, William Hope Hodgson's 'A Voice in the Night'.

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